Jun 27th, 2024

Business Insights

From Ball to Business

  Written by: Shane Oswald, Chief Operating Officer

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I have a 13-year-old son who plays basketball. Growing up, basketball was always my passion (I still hope to make it to the NBA someday), so it’s been a joy to watch him play. I also have the privilege of being his coach. I’ve often had philosophical conversations with him about what it means to be a leader on the team. We’ve had discussions about how he can influence his teammates through his own actions, and by setting a good example. These discussions usually end with him letting me know that I’m long winded and talk too much.

Influence in business is the same as influence in sports. It’s the same experience, working as a team to accomplish some kind of goal. I’ve found the following aspects are important when influencing others (Don’t worry, Son, I’ll keep it brief!):

Accountability - Consistent follow-through and execution on doing what you say you’re going to do is imperative. Holding others accountable for their commitments or responsibilities won’t happen without first holding yourself accountable.

Care - Having genuine care and concern for fellow team members and the team goals is necessary. This can’t be faked.

Effort – Hard work pays off. In my opinion, the best way to influence others to work hard is by setting the bar with your own level of effort.

Trust – Trust is the resulting response to the previous 3 points. If those three elements aren’t there, the trust portion will never come.

At Clientek we follow these same principles both inside our organization and while working with our clients. We work hard, hold each other accountable, and care about the end result. While working with our clients, they see these values and trust us when we provide guidance and advice, allowing us to truly partner with them to achieve their goals.

Now, if anyone needs me, I’ll be out in the driveway working on my jump shot.