Oct 28th, 2020

Giving Back

Part 1: A Social Responsibility

  Written by: Kirk Hoaglund, Chief Executive Officer

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Since our founding in 1992, Clientek has been dedicated to giving back. For the past ten years we’ve committed to directing five percent of our annual net income to charitable causes. Along with the value of pro-bono work and in-kind donations, we’ve exceeded that goal every year. I am very proud to say that we’ve helped some important organizations. Most recently:

Even in this difficult year, we’ve found time to lend a hand. These worthy organizations can always use help. Today, even more so. As we proceed through fourth quarter and into the holiday season, consider helping out as you can.

Growing Clientek has been a fascinating and rewarding experience for me and the many, dedicated team members who have made it happen. As grateful as I am for their help, I also know that success does not happen in a vacuum. Along with employees, clients, and partners, there have been many that contributed. Many whose names, perhaps, I don’t even know; community members, family, and others. The community in which we live, work, and do business.

When an organization such as Joseph’s Coat provides needed life essentials to those without resources or when the Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery provides a safe place for a young child in need, everyone’s life is improved. Organizations like YouthLink and Urban Ventures help people help themselves, raising civic pride and creating a safer place for all of us. American Lung Association and Children’s Hospital help us all live healthier lives and help us when our heath is challenged.

Because of this community contribution to the success and stability of Clientek, we believe we have a real responsibility to pay that back and pay it forward. I have seen real help given that has changed lives. Without these organizations, we would not succeed.

As much as it is a true responsibility, it is also very rewarding for Clientek’s team members. Working on challenging and important projects is rewarding, but it is also stressful. When deep in the thick of a complex project, it can be difficult to remember the good stuff. Taking some time to contribute helping hands to our community is a real stress reliever. We’ve gotten to know some incredible people that work for these organizations. Their dedication and energy is inspiring and reminds us about the very many good things in our world.

In future posts I will discuss each of the organizations mentioned here in more detail. And, fair warning, for each I will make a little pitch that you should consider lending a hand. Whether you find interest in the missions represented here or elsewhere, consider giving back. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to learn more about how to do so.