We Know
What It Takes


Since our founding in 1992, Clientek has been partnering with our clients to navigate their most pressing business obstacles. We deliver high quality custom software solutions with consistency, integrity, and speed.

Our project-based approach enhances and accelerates problem solving while improving the technical resources and tools that support business function. It is these two cohesive elements, consultancy & software development, that give us the ability to deliver repeatable, industry leading value.

Having delivered thousands of successful projects, spanning a vast range of technologies and industries, you will be hard-pressed to find a problem we haven’t faced.

We know what it takes.


Every project goes through fluctuations. That’s why our engagement model is designed to maximize flexibility – allowing for regular adjustments as the project progresses.

Process Driven

Adherence to agile development principles allows our process-driven approach to deliver unparalleled predictability and transparency.


From shifts in priority to changes in requirements, our teams are well-equipped to adapt to the dynamic needs of your project.


Over the course of 3,000+ projects for 300+ clients we’ve developed and applied an approach we call Value Focused Delivery. This process is unique to us and combines project-focused mechanics with the best of agile principals. Below are some links to graphical resources further clarifying what makes it so great.

Our team is constantly updating the Clientek knowledge base. You can check out our article library to share in the lessons we’ve learned and gather insights from our crew of holistic thinkers.


The Clientek team is made up of a diverse collection of professionals from across the globe. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, our hybrid approach combines leadership and dedicated project teams from our locations in India, Costa Rica, Canada, and the US.

Our developers and quality assurance engineers make up the core of our project teams, and it is critical for them to share in the comprehensive vision of every project. Having a clear understanding of the context in which they are working allows them to not only build better software but continue to develop and grow as professionals. We fully trust their ability to size, commit, and own their own work. We couldn’t do what we do without them.

Our success is largely driven by the culture we have created at Clientek. We put a major emphasis on creating an environment in which every opinion is valued, and business operations are managed with complete transparency. When we take on a project you get the entire Clientek team not just a piece.