Abbreviated Case Study

Remote Management


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A global energy and hygiene technology company was managing a fleet of more than 600 commercial fluid distribution controllers. They had recently upgraded these devices to a more modern hardware platform, however the expected improvements in maintenance had not materialized as anticipated. Despite the sophistication of the new hardware, both diagnostics reporting and firmware updates still required on-site service technician intervention. Technicians were spending a significant amount of time and effort maintaining these devices, diverting valuable resources away from more profitable activities.


It was clear from the outset of this engagement that our client needed a robust and reliable cloud-connected device management system. The Clientek team set to work, evaluating needs, prototyping functionality, and identifying appropriate lines of business for an initial rollout. We spent time meeting with service technicians and administrators to identify the root cause of service delays and define the specific controls they required. The details we collected allowed our team to formulate an approach to develop a customized IoT Device Management Hub in Microsoft Azure.


Following a successful initial rollout, our solution was distributed to their entire fleet of devices. The system delivered three core benefits: 1) Instantaneous remote access to device diagnostic data. 2) Seamless remote firmware and configuration updates. 3) Real-time messages and alerts from all devices. Technicians no longer needed to wrestle with firmware updates or diagnostic reports and cloud-based configuration monitoring gave administrators the control and visibility they needed.

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