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Production Management


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A large local manufacturing company was struggling to manage lead time estimations for both their production and delivery operations. Estimates were being calculated across multiple IT systems and had become complex and resource-intensive to manage. This dissemination of data limited their ability to quickly react to supplier and capacity constraints – relying heavily on manual processes to revise existing lead times. In turn, the inaccuracy and inconsistency of these calculations led to many challenging conversations with customers and clients when lead times greatly deviated from their original quote.


To address this challenge, our team developed a centralized lead time tool to act as a single source of truth for all organizational lead times. Through integrations with existing legacy and proprietary systems, our solution consolidated their assortment of data sources into a single consumable repository. Lead time adjustments could be triggered by individual resources at any stage of production and communication to the appropriate stakeholder(s) for approval was fully automated. The consolidation of these various data sources also provided a wholistic view of the latest lead time estimates for every item in production.


This centralized system allowed our client to calculate lead times faster, more accurately, and with fewer resources. The ability to quickly adjust and submit lead time changes with the appropriate approvals meant their reaction to supplier and capacity constraints had significantly improved. Stakeholders and upper management now had the ability to view every order in production with accurate and trustworthy lead time information, and the system greatly reduced order processing times – boosting employee morale and customer satisfaction.

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