Jul 27th, 2023

Business Insights


  Written by: Jesse LaDousa, Chief Executive Officer

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Our theme this month is discovery. When thinking about business insights in relation to that topic, one critical area that occurs to me is partnerships. For those that have been in business a long time like Clientek, we know that a business doesn’t run itself. Nor can a business survey solely by doing things on their own. Businesses must discover partners along the way to fill in critical and necessary services to ensure the sustainability and thriving of their entity.

We partner with many people as a company to fill those gaps – accountants, lawyers, payroll providers, health insurance companies, facilities management companies, etc. All these partnerships provide essential and necessary skills for our company to continue to function at its highest level. These partners help drive completion of critical tasks to ensure our employees can focus on the core of our business – delivering solutions to our customers.

On the delivery side, partners can also play a crucial role in the success of our company. The right partner can bring new opportunities to the table or provide services that we cannot to our customers to help ensure project success. Partners can be valuable networking advocates, essentially selling our services to their customers to help fill in the gaps in their businesses.

Occasionally, I run into leaders that don’t believe in partnering. They want to keep a closed network and not rely on any outside help. They feel that keeping everything in house and ensuring proprietary secrecy is a more beneficial approach for their business.

My experience has been the opposite. I’ve seen time and again the benefit of bringing in a new set of eyes on a problem, a new approach to solve a project blocker, a new expertise to ensure quicker success and faster learning. Partnerships are what our human experience is built on, why would it be any different with business?