Apr 30th, 2020

Feature Article

Return to Normalcy.

  Written by: David Stevens, Director of Business Development

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Recovering operations in an unprecedented environment.

As the globe continues it’s battle with the novel COVID-19, businesses are beginning to think about the inevitable return to “normal.”

While many organizations and news outlets will be determined to communicate a return to “how things were” to customers and audiences, it’s our job to recognize the adjustments that must be made to our perceived normal.

At Clientek, we solve business problems. From design and development, to testing, implementation, and on-going support; we provide custom software solutions to our clients. Through 28 years of providing these services we’ve learned the importance of adaptation.

Much like implementing a new software or system, businesses and employees alike must prepare for the changes that lie ahead. From operational tweaks to complete process alterations, addressing a new normal is both difficult and necessary.

With any implementation effort the key to success lies in your approach; plan, communicate, and execute.

Prepare for the new normal.

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