Apr 25th, 2024

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  Written by: David Stevens, Director of Business Development

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A millennial’s perspective.

My generation has grown up in a world where technology is woven into the fabric of our existence. And with that, our concept of community has changed. Traditional avenues for socialization, such as specialized clubs and public gatherings, have gradually given way to digital networks unrestricted by geography, hosted entirely online. Platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Reddit have become central hubs for fostering a newfound sense of communal belonging, offering unique insight into what drives younger people to connect and collaborate.

These digital communities thrive because they highlight a set of values that are motivating to younger generations. As leaders strive to unleash the full potential of younger talent, it may be worth taking a closer look at how these values are represented throughout their organizations.

For some young professionals, it’s more comfortable to get acclimated to a group before weighing-in on a discussion. In our digital communities, passive participation is welcomed; yet, when it comes time for us to vocalize our thoughts, our voice carries the same weight as everyone else. This freedom to participate in our own way and still have our voices heard encourages us to immerse ourselves further.

Young people value genuine interactions. We gravitate towards communities that encourage individuals to be their true selves, without the pressure to conform to societal norms – even if that leads to the occasional troll. Communities that prioritize authenticity empower members to be transparent about their thoughts, feelings, and concerns, leading to better communication and collaboration.

Us youngins are used to being inundated with information. We’ve grown comfortable with changing gears quickly and moving on to the next thing. Our attention spans are short, so keeping things moving is important. A community with the ability to pivot and evolve rapidly is key to keeping us engaged.

Contrary to popular perception, not all young professionals are just lazy freeloaders waiting for a paycheck. Sure, there’s a few bad apples, but most of us are driven by action. We’re simply pupils eager to make an impact, and digital communities afford us the autonomy to do just that. Simplified governance results in increased initiative and self-determination, enabling us to deliver value to our peers more effectively.

This evolution of community from traditional to digital mirrors the changing landscape of our generational values. As technology continues to shape our world, it’s important that organizations and leaders acknowledge and incorporate these values into their structures and cultures. By doing so, they not only bridge the generational gap, but harness the collective energy and potential of us youngsters. Need an example? Just look at Clientek.

From 1993 with love.

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