Apr 25th, 2024

Business Insights

Network for Success

  Written by: Jesse LaDousa, Chief Executive Officer

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As I consider our topic this month, community, I have been reflecting on the various communities I am part of. Family, friends, clubs, sports organizations and, of course, the technology community both here in the Twin Cities as well as in our other locations in Montreal Canada, Hyderabad India, and San Jose Costa Rica.

It never ceases to amaze me that while the technology community is large, it can also feel so small at times. It seems we are all only a single degree of separation away from everyone in the community in most cases. I find it fascinating that as I’ve built my network out over the last two decades, I can connect with just about anyone I need to with a single phone call or email to a shared connection.

This part of the community is so powerful, yet sometimes overlooked. I talk to numerous people each week that put very little effort into networking. They are heads down on their jobs, building their careers and when not doing that, most often focused on their family. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, of course. Until you need something.

Whether it be a referral for yourself, helping a friend find a new opportunity, advice from someone who has tackled a tricky problem you or your organization is now trying to solve, or just general mentorship as you move into a new role, having that community around you is invaluable.

None of us achieve success alone. Sheer will can get you part way there, but your community and those around you are instrumental in driving your success. Having access to a large network of people can help you learn, grow, and solve problems faster.

Building that network takes effort, but it’s certainly time well spent in my opinion.