Feb 22nd, 2024

Best Practices

A Continuous Pursuit

  Written by: Sandy Moua, IT Support Engineer

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Establishing your values isn’t just some one-time task you complete in a sitting. It’s an ongoing process that evolves over time. Throughout my career I’ve come to recognize that the challenges we face provide us with lessons that shape who we are. Achieving authenticity requires a continuous pursuit of self-knowledge and growth from our experiences.

Have you ever been in a conversation in which something said evoked a strong reaction from you? I’ve learned that these reactions are typically due to someone challenging one of my beliefs or values. In situations like this, I take a moment to reflect on what was said and explore how other perspectives may differ from my own. Through this process, I often find that it’s a “me” issue rather than a flaw in the other person. This realization provides an opportunity to reassess my beliefs and values. If they remain unchanged, it reinforces my convictions. If they are challenged, it opens the door to growth and new perspective. I’ve grown to appreciate these conversations because they allow me to learn more about myself and gain a deeper understanding of those around me.

One of my favorite quotes from the endless stream of motivational content I consume is “learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.” Trying something new is what pushes us out of our comfort zone. Personally, I enjoy exploring new places with my adventurous 3-year-old. She often reminds me to remain receptive and curious towards my surroundings. I also make a point to try new experiences alone, whether that be visiting a new coffee shop or dining at a restaurant I stumbled across online. What really pushes me out of my comfort zone is ditching my earbuds and having authentic conversations with strangers. It’s within these exchanges that I find true authenticity.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. As we grow and evolve, we may outgrow certain relationships. This presents an opportunity to meet new people who align better with our authentic selves. Embrace your journey towards authenticity and remember that being true to yourself is well worth the effort.