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Many of our clients are faced with numerous B2B data integration challenges. Clientek addresses these challenges by providing several key services. Depending on the current state of the involved system(s), the engagement may begin at different stages within this set of services:

Integration Flowchart


Business Process Analysis
For complex systems or those for whom data details are uncertain, a business process analysis unveils the needs and specifications. This analysis is restricted to the business processes, such as payroll or accounts payable, under consideration for data integration. The output is a description of processes and their associated data streams. This output feeds directly into the schema analysis.

Schema Analysis
For systems with well-known processes and data streams, a schema analysis defines the elements that must be exchanged, through data integration, to meet the needs of the solution. Records and fields are documented with purpose, validation, and other information needed to facilitate the integration. This information is used in the creation of the data map definition.

Data Map Definition
Armed with a set of record/field specifications and business process definitions, a data map is created. This defines the interpretation of exchanged data elements, sets forth the validation rules, and is the key deliverable in the analysis stream. The data map definition is used in the final step to create connectors.

Data Connector Creation
Some organizations are equipped to execute this final step on their own. For those, we produce a well-documented data map, validation rules, processes diagrams, and other information to be used by your implementation team. We can assist with project management or continued analysis as needed.

For organizations lacking the capacity to implement the data connectors, our engineers work with yours to create the processes that export and import data according to the map and process definitions.

Custom Solution Development
In rare cases, complex systems, heterogeneous systems, specialty systems, or legacy systems may require extra effort in order to complete a data integration. Upon execution of the business process and schema analysis, we provide an estimated plan and timeline for the completion of the integration. Then help execute against that plan.


Clientek completed its first data integration project more than twenty-five years ago. Realizing that the analysis of objectives and refinement of requirements lead to much better definition of schema, mapping, connectors, and orchestration, we incorporated value-focused analysis early in our maturation process.

We’ve analyzed, designed, and built data connection services for hundreds of clients across a multitude of different industries. We know what it takes.

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