Abbreviated Case Study

Mobile Development


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This mid-sized Benefit Services and HCM company had state-of-the-art platforms but were struggling to maintain their market share. Failure to supply customers with a usable mobile application interface meant they were limiting the potential of their products and services. They had begun losing new customers to competitors while existing customers were complaining about the need to sign in multiple times to access features throughout their range of systems. These compounding issues had led to an increase in customer attrition.

The company had an existing mobile application published in the app stores, but it featured an antiquated user interface, lack of updated features, and limited connectivity to core platform functions, leaving much to be desired. They recognized the importance of this interface and asked if Clientek could help deliver the ease-of-use, cohesion, and modularity they were after in the first place.


We began the engagement by reviewing the requirements that resulted in their original, unsuccessful application. This review highlighted numerous opportunities to enhance usability and broaden the overall coverage of our solution. As we built out the technical roadmap, several key objectives emerged. First was single sign-on (SSO). We needed to seamlessly connect users to two different systems at the same time without requiring additional sign-ins. Second, the application needed to maintain critical functionality in compromised situations. Their platforms were being accessed and used by both office workers and field service personnel so we needed to ensure that signal strength and connectivity would not have adverse effects on functionality. Lastly, we needed to design the application for rapid iterative updates. The organization made regular improvements to their backend systems and the application needed to be able to keep up with the rate of these progressions.


From analysis artifacts and documentation to the delivery of business logic modules, our client maintained full control over the direction of the project throughout its entirety. Our agile development approach enabled this flexibility while consistently delivering value in incremental fashion. Once in production, the application’s user base rapidly grew from 100 users to more than 250,000. User up-time was increased to 90% and initial feedback was overwhelmingly positive. This successful engagement not only met our client’s immediate needs but also laid the foundation for future enhancements.

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