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Flexible Support


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Software, applications, and technology have become increasingly fundamental in how businesses operate. For many of our clients, their suite of systems and products continue to grow with each turn of the calendar. Keeping the most vital systems up and running has become a constant battle – as they must be adaptable to continue meeting the needs of the business. Internal IT resources are an incredibly valuable asset to any organization, however, stretching those resources to cover the needs of system management and support leads to less time being spent on value-add development.


To address this challenge, Clientek has created what we call Utility Teams. These self-sufficient development teams are highly flexible and capable of taking significant work off the plates of valuable internal resources. Everything from managing legacy system components to tier 3 support, and even the development of new features for existing applications. Our Utility Teams have become exceptionally comfortable managing regular shifts in project focus and remain ready to adapt at any moment. Over the years, we’ve even developed a process to prioritizing work across organizational departments with multiple stakeholders/product owners.


Many of our clients have come to love the adaptability of fielding a Clientek Utility Team. So much so that most of them will sign on a team for the entire year. Instead of hiring more internal resources, we field a highly talented and flexible development team with no set commitment. In addition, these teams expand and contract to meet our client’s everchanging needs. Utilizing our proven method for learning and understanding the business, our Utility Teams become valuable assets in driving strategy discussions for future work. Whether our client is looking for time-zone support for their entire suite of applications or regular integrations with convoluted legacy systems, our teams deliver.

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