Abbreviated Case Study

Custom API Creation


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This global pest elimination company was looking for a way to safely and securely share information collected by service technicians directly with their end-customers. They needed a quicker way of providing comprehensive reports after each service visit to expedite invoice delivery, promptly address issues, and minimize additional damage being caused by pests. The organization worked with multiple partner vendors to monitor and record pest activity at customer sites but required a simplified way of gathering and consolidating the disparate report data. Their existing workflow required numerous manual steps to catalog this information and the various reporting structures made it nearly impossible to create a consistent output for distribution.


After numerous conversations with client stakeholders, we determined that the most effective way to achieve their objective was through the development of a custom API. Our team quickly began analyzing the client’s standards for data infrastructure, security, and architecture. Once a current state had been established, we worked with project stakeholders to finalize an incremental approach for development. This phased approach enabled us to design a scalable solution to distribute data programmatically to their end customers. As service technicians and unmanned pest sensors began serving up data, the API would collect and distribute pertinent information to the appropriate customer through their existing proprietary application.


The implementation of this custom API provided three core advantages to our client:

  1. Automated data entry
    • Eliminating manual inputs, our solution significantly reduced the errors within their reporting data.

  2. Increased workforce efficiency
    • The removal of manual data input resulted in technicians spending less time on each visit, allowing them to service more sites each day.

  3. Accelerated invoice delivery
    • Quicker delivery of invoices to customers translated into faster payments for our client.

Upon completion of the initial engagement, our team transitioned into a supporting role – providing on-going oversight and supplying minor feature enhancements as needed.

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