Sep 28th, 2023

Business Insights

We Can Help With That

  Written by: Shane Oswald, Chief Operating Officer

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I’ve written before about how software development projects require flexibility and the ways that we extend that flexibility to our customers. We’ve come to understand that some clients need help throughout the entire software development lifecycle while others may need specific focused attention at certain stages. We provide flexibility wherever it is needed. I will go through the end-to-end process of a typical project to outline the ways we assist our clients.

Every project starts with an idea and bringing that idea to fruition. It takes effort to vet ideas, work through a business case, and secure funding for the project. We can help with that. We conduct a deep dive discussion to understand the original ask, followed by a more thorough inception sprint to help draft a business case and present the ROI for the engagement.

Then of course there’s the software development that is required once the project gets funded. We can help with that. We take on all development and oversight of the project, working directly with the product owner and project stakeholders. We also commonly integrate with existing development teams to provide a burst of additional capacity.

Throughout development, we deliver incremental value, getting it into the hands of the end-user(s) as early as possible to gather feedback. This requires significant thought and planning of the rollout and feature enhancements. Getting it deployed to production, ensuring users know how to use the system, transitioning application support to the client’s internal IT team (if desired), are all things that need to be planned. Ensuring deployment documentation is created, user guides are documented and understood, and that knowledge transfer is conducted. We can help with that.

In those instances where there isn’t an internal IT team available to provide support, we can take on that responsibility. With any software application there is going to be ongoing support, technology updates, minor enhancements, and bug fixes. We can help with that. Several of our teams provide on going support for our customers, using our defined agile processes.

This flexibility is crucial for identifying where we can provide the greatest value throughout the entire software development lifecycle. Our goal is to be the best partner we can be for our clients. Whether it be support from start to finish, or lending a hand at a pivotal juncture, we can help with that.

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