Sep 28th, 2023

Best Practices

Getting in Early

  Written by: Jesse LaDousa, Chief Executive Officer

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When engaging with new network contacts, leads, and prospects I often remark that Clientek takes a project from inception through delivery and into postproduction support. This approach allows Clientek to truly partner with our customers and provide high quality output and business value.

Coming into a project early allows us to recognize and document the goals/objectives and determine how we will measure success. This provides our teams with a true understanding of the project needs, and we use this information throughout the project to ensure we are staying on track with deliverables that are moving us towards achieving those objectives.

It also gives us an opportunity to build a business case for each project. Showing how the investment in the project will be returned to the business is a critical component to the inception of any engagement.

Our teams then go to work, defining, prioritizing, building, testing, deploying, and validating. This cycle often happens multiple times per project with incremental value being delivered quickly and feedback coming to the team equally as quick. Only with this feedback can we adjust our approach and prioritization with speed and accuracy.

As we plan for go-live production deployments we often help customers with other aspects of the project that require various stakeholders within the organization. How do we train internally and externally? What is the marketing plan for the new features or system? How is pricing handled? What other organizational change needs to occur to support the system going forward?

While a celebration is in order for any successful production launch, the work does not stop there. Post-production support is critical in the first few weeks of any system launch and our team is positioned and ready to handle any issues that may arise.

As the system settles in, we can transition long-term support to an internal team or keep a team in place to handle production issues, minor enhancements, and any other additional needs that may surface.

This cycle plays out frequently on many of Clientek’s projects. We enjoy being a valued partner to our customers, providing the right resources and support for a true end-to-end project lifecycle.