Jan 26th, 2023

Best Practices

Ranger Buddy

  Written by: Craig Vosper, Chief Delivery Officer

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I often think back to the camaraderie I formed with the soldiers I served with during my time in the army. They were people I knew I could rely on. No matter the conditions, they would always be by my side, in that foxhole, throughout all hours of the night. They were my Ranger buddies.

No matter the situation or mission, my Ranger buddies were with me, and I was with them. In the good times, we celebrated together (sometimes a bit more than prudent). In the bad times, we fought together. The bond that was formed is one that can never be broken.

This thought came back to me during a recent experience in which we partnered with one of our customers to resolve a significant incident. This was one of those moments in IT that causes tremendous stress and anxiety. When the call came in, we set everything aside and committed ourselves to being there with them, regardless of the outcome.

I didn’t see a customer who had an issue to deal with. I saw a group of amazing people that I am honored to get to work with going through something challenging. I wanted to make sure that each of them knew that when they looked to their left or right, they would see the determined face of one of their Clientek partners working diligently alongside them.

As I think back through my 23 years here at Clientek, and the thousands of projects I’ve worked on, I don’t think of the companies we worked for, I think of the Ranger buddies I’ve gained. Names like Eric, Lynn, Mark, Kelly, Jim, Kevin, Paul, Sean and a whole host of others.

It’s my hope that they know they can count on me and the rest of Clientek team whenever they may need us. To know we will stand next to them in that foxhole all through the night and be there to help them out once the battle is over.

So that is my best practice for customer experience, be a Ranger buddy.