Dec 21st, 2023

Best Practices

A Year in Review

  Written by: Jesse LaDousa, Chief Executive Officer

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As the last days of December bring 2023 to a close, I have had some time to reflect on this past year. The end of year holidays typically bring a bit of downtime that allows for both introspection of the year’s accomplishments and challenges, as well as time to prepare and plan for the year ahead.

This year has been a momentous one for both Clientek and me personally. Our two girls started High School and Middle School this year, prompting many discussions about where the time has gone. Our oldest passed her permit test and is now learning to drive. While a bit scary, we keep reminding ourselves, what feels like Mom and Dad’s full-time taxi service will soon be eased.

On the Clientek side, we made the major announcement in January that after 31 years at the helm, Kirk Hoaglund would be stepping down and turning over the CEO role to me on January 1, 2024. As I write this, we are just over a week away from that transition being complete.

We spent much of this year officially transitioning both the CEO role as well as preparing to move Shane Oswald into my current role of COO. Our goal from the start was the official last/first day would be seamless. We planned and ran the transition like any other project and as we head into our last week of the year we are in a great spot.

I’ve been asked a few times this past year how I was chosen for the CEO role. My answer is the same as when I was promoted to my first manager job many years ago. One of the first bosses I ever had told me, “If you want a job, just start doing it. That way when it opens-up the choice will be obvious.” This has stuck with me throughout my career and is a strategy I’ve deployed numerous times.

Much of the approach I’ve taken to move into this role has been influenced by Kirk over the last 18 years I’ve known him. His approach to running Clientek, growing the business, building the culture, and treating the employees and their families as if they were his own laid a foundation for a company culture unlike any I’ve been exposed to. Kirk’s confidence in me to take this company to the next level is a great source of pride.

I am deeply humbled and honored that I was chosen to carry forward the Clientek legacy. Our teams are amazingly focused and passionate about the work they do and the success of the projects they deliver for our customers. I’m proud to be part of this group and even more proud to have a chance to lead them. I’m truly excited to move into next year and discover what lies ahead for Clientek.