Jul 28th, 2022

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  Written by: David Stevens, Director of Business Development

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It’s what you do.

Corporations, today, are enamored with creativity. Business leaders are looking for new ways to encourage creative thinking with the hopes of inciting innovation. While creativity plays a role in the creation of new ideas, innovation is the act of taking those ideas and turning them into viable solutions.

For organizations that are looking to become more innovative, attention being directed towards creativity must also include taking an idea into reality. Innovation is not just about creative ideas; it’s about following through.

Here are four ways to ensure your organizational creativity produces meaningful innovations.

  1. Develop a plan
    Creative ideas and desired end-states are the easy part. Finding the best way to bring those innovations to life is where the complications set in. We have all had ideas fizzle out of existence mere minutes after their conception. It’s not because of a lack of intent but rather the lack of strategy for execution. Like any other development effort, transforming creativity into innovation requires a detailed approach from start to finish.

  2. Exploit momentum
    Innovation is an uphill battle. As we begin the effort of transforming ideas into innovations, it is essential that we keep the ball rolling. If the person or team responsible for bringing an innovation to life hits a wall, then others must step in to take it in a different direction. Too often great ideas are left by the wayside because the people responsible for execution lose steam and no one is there to pick up the reins.

  3. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
    All innovation is accompanied by change and with change comes discomfort. We need to learn to embrace that discomfort and welcome the opportunity for growth. It may be a far cry from the status quo but taking change in stride is a necessity for innovation. You will be amazed at how quickly you become comfortable with change when you are prepared for its arrival.

  4. Practice patience
    Not every creative idea is destined to produce innovation. Many will fall well short. The key to continuously innovating is persistence. Great ideas take time to mature and finding the correct avenues to realize their value can require significant effort. No matter the outcome of our hard work, we must be prepared to commit the same dedication towards the next great idea that lands on our desk.

Creativity and innovation are in abundance, we just need to make sure to follow through.

Go do it.

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