Aug 19th, 2021

Process Before Tech


  Written by: Dino DeAntoni, Director of Technology

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The primary benefit of taking an iterative approach to implementing process before technology is that it allows you to see where the value resides in the process. Thus, we can verify assumptions and associate concrete value statements, not only on the process but to the proposed enablement of technology.

As we execute throughout a project, we can attach the technology to the process with minimized risk. The minimization of that risk is mainly because the largest contributor to risk has been removed, that being the unknown results of the process change.

When we see a deviation from our expected output, our choice becomes clear. Our options are as follows:

  1. Refine the process, implement it, and measure the results
  2. Do nothing, accept it “as-is” or rewind the implementation to its prior state. AND / OR
  3. Drive to Clientek and have the drink of the month with Kirk and crew.

I had a professor that had the habit of barking at his students and often was heard saying:

“INPUTS! OUTPUTS! PROCESS! In any order but process must be last every time!”

I did challenge that notion on one occasion once I had chance to get to know him a bit better. I suggested that he also add “TECHNOLOGY!” to his rant, such that it could be heard: “(INPUTS! OUTPUTS!) + PROCESS! + TECHNOLOGY!”.

This has stuck with me my entire career and as simple as this all sounds and as intuitive as it is, it is shocking how often projects lead with process or technology before defining inputs and outputs first.

Clientek does not implement technology solutions for the sake of technology, we take pride in delivering value to our clients. It is not uncommon for us to advise clients to not do something because it was discovered there is no value in spending the money to enable the technology. This allows us to align to a single key characteristic that every employee at Clientek and client processes. Integrity.

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