Aug 6th, 2021

Process Before Tech

Part 1: Defining Goals

  Written by: Dino DeAntoni, Director of Technology

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Companies implement technologies to help them gain compliance, control, increased quality, and more often than not, efficiencies. Similarly, when we invest our money into mutual funds, the stock market, or real estate, we want to realize its value in the form of a return, security, or better lifestyle. Investment in technology is no different. If we cannot either gain a return, control, or compliance, then the project to implement a solution should not exist.

Clientek is focused on value and providing a return to our clients. Our clients come to us to help them determine where and how to invest in the proper solutions within their business. When a client approaches Clientek with a thought, we engage with them to flush out the target value in terms of the minimum and ceiling value that can be achieved. This initial list is not static, and it often changes as items are modified and added. I will discuss that further in the latter posts of this 3-part series.

Clientek’s method to providing a return on the investment to the client, is to start realizing value as close to the start of the project as possible. That statement should not be confused with implementing technology right away. Instead, it is an opportunity to define your goals, expectations, strategy, and investment, to ensure the most profitable return. By defining those opportunities upfront, it lays a solid foundation for the rest of the project which provides its own return in the form of an efficiently run project and engaged resources/stakeholders.

In part 2 of this 3-part series I will talk about the process in which all technologies sit. This is sometimes difficult for technologists to understand. Process and changing of process can provide a return with no requirement of technology, and that can be an opportunity in itself…. stay tuned!

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