Sep 30th, 2021

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  Written by: David Stevens, Director of Business Development

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When management matters most.

Imagine that you’re planning to eat at a restaurant you’ve never tried before. Before you visit, you hop on Google to read some reviews. Based on this research, you walk into the restaurant expecting to enjoy a satisfactory meal.

Now, this can go one of three ways: 1) You receive your food, it’s what you were expecting, and you leave the restaurant full and content. 2) You receive your food, it’s awful, and you leave hungry and disappointed. 3) You receive your food, it tastes incredible, and you leave full, delighted, and excited about coming back.

This is where the difficulty lies. It may not be the reality of the situation that is providing you delight or disappointment, but rather, the contrast between your expectations and reality. Expectations, unlike reality, change and adapt. Without careful attention and management, unmet or unreasonable expectations can be problematic. When managed properly though, they can generate great results.

As a professional services firm, we manage expectations every single day. When we engage with our clients it is crucial that we identify and regularly review any expectations that have been set upon us. Over the past three decades, we’ve identified three fundamental elements that have allow us to manage, achieve, and consistently exceed our client’s expectations:

  1. Predictability – Laying the groundwork.
    The key to managing any expectation is addressing it at its inception. At Clientek, we pride ourselves on our ability to think ahead. Utilizing our wealth of experience, we help shape and tailor client expectations from the start; allowing both parties to address their needs and concerns up front.

  2. Transparency – Keeping the door open.
    Providing customers and clients with direct insights into their project(s) is essential for satisfying expectations. Over the course of an engagement, it’s likely that expectations will change. It’s essential that we focus on transparency in order to manage and address those adjusting expectations.

  3. Communication – Leave nothing up for interpretation.
    Like all facets of business, communication is paramount for success. Maintaining a consistent dialogue regarding expectations is what allows us to quickly respond to changes and adapt appropriately. No matter that status of the project, there is nothing more important than regular communication.

Expectations shouldn’t be seen as a bar worth reaching, but rather a bar worth passing. Exceeding expectations is within everyone’s grasp when you foster the right elements. In our experience, placing a focus on predictability, transparency, and communication is a surefire way to surpass expectations.

Expect to exceed.

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