Feb 25th, 2021

Feature Article

The Recipe.

  Written by: David Stevens, Director of Business Development

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Let the ingredients speak for themselves.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have found myself overwhelmingly enthralled by FOX’s TV series, MasterChef Junior (now streaming all 7 seasons on Hulu). These children, between the ages of 8-13, are truly some of the most remarkable individuals I have ever seen. From their grit and determination to their undying support and encouragement of one-another; these young home cooks are nothing short of incredible.

One of the most popular pieces of feedback offered by the judges is the importance of letting the ingredients shine – using the core components of a dish (beef, poultry, truffle, etc.) and allowing those flavors to be at the forefront.

As I sat on my couch watching the last few episodes of season 7, I began thinking about how far-reaching and applicable this same lesson is for business. At Clientek, we have spent the last three decades fine-tuning our recipe. While there are many moving parts and ever-changing components, three essential attributes allow us to do what we do so well.

  • Integrity – Do the right thing.
    It is not enough to just provide our customers with what they ask for. We feel it is our job to assist them in defining the root of their objectives and pinpointing the appropriate way to accomplish them. How we approach and deliver our solutions is equally as important as the speed in which we complete them. We put our customers first because that is just how we do business.

  • Authenticity – Transparent and honest.
    There is nothing to hide. Our projects rely heavily on customer engagement, and consistent, genuine communication is essential. We want clients that are as passionate about their projects as we are. We’re not afraid to share our struggles and mistakes, our breakthroughs and successes. It is through mutual respect that true greatness emerges.

  • Ingenuity – Defined and rigid, yet flexible and relevant.
    We have never been comfortable with the status quo. While our structure and approach are soundly based in proven techniques, there is always room for improvement. It’s important that we know what works but even more important that we know what’s possible. We meet our clients where they need us when they need us.

It is through the embodiment of these three attributes that we provide unmatched software solutions to our clients. We are experts in this business and have the track record to prove it.

We know what it takes.

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