Aug 26th, 2021

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  Written by: David Stevens, Director of Business Development

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It’s simply time-to-value.

If you have read some of our other publications, you’ve probably come to notice that we have a fascination with “Speed”. However, speed, like many other industry terms, can be a bit ambiguous. No matter how the term is used, it requires an understanding of how it’s being measured to provide any impact. At Clientek, speed is very simple. Speed is the rate at which we delivery tangible value to our customers and clients.

In accordance with that definition, we’ve spent the past three decades honing our approach to custom software development; taking the best of Agile techniques to maximize the value output of our teams. While many organizations may see Agile as a means of acceleration, the crucial element of value must not fall to the wayside. Agile methodology is just as much about value delivery as it is about velocity.

There are three key elements to achieving our definition of speed:

  1. Value Is #1 – Churning out user stories and checking off tasks doesn’t mean that we’re accomplishing anything faster. It must be value that motivates the work that we do. Identify the highest value items that can be completed in a given period and deliver those first. In every engagement our goal should be to deliver as much value as possible in the shortest amount of time. That, is speed.

  2. Planning Breeds Results – Nobody runs a marathon without tying their shoes first. The same goes for project management. We can’t determine the quickest path to value without engaging in some planning first. Every element of a project must be broken down into smaller chunks and assigned a value and effort. While these values may change over the course of the project, it’s imperative that we have a basis for delivering high-value items quickly.

  3. Measure Everything – Speed is relative, so like a speedometer or a stopwatch we must have a way of measuring it. Develop metrics that allow you to track the value your teams deliver every sprint. Tracking that, alongside your points committed/completed, will give you the ability to truly measure your speed in its entirety – from execution through delivery.

For us, speed is in our blood. These three elements are simply second nature. If you or your team are interested in learning more about how we deliver speed to our clients, reach out today. After all, speed is nothing more than time-to-value.

Deliver more value more often.

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