Dec 2nd, 2020

Giving Back

Part 5: Urban Ventures & Orpheus Music Project

  Written by: Kirk Hoaglund, Executive Board Chair

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Giving back has been one of our core values since our founding in 1992. We actively seek organizations that would benefit from our pro bono work and, for the past ten years, we’ve committed to directing five percent of our annual net income to charitable causes. Success doesn’t come in a vacuum, but in the context of your community. Giving back just makes sense.

Giving Back Tip #4: Helper Organizations

There are many great organizations that can assist in your charitable efforts. They’ll help you be certain that your resources are used for good, that your money is spent well, and that your help will be leveraged as much as possible. One great example is GiveMN. Launched in 2009 as a collaborative venture among local groups. From their website: “What if giving was easier and more fun? That’s the simple question that launched GiveMN.” A click away, you’ll find valuable information and resources.

Urban Ventures

For 25 years, Urban Ventures has been diligently working on an ambitious goal: “To break the cycle of poverty by sending every child in our neighborhood to college.” This is an organization deeply rooted in their community – finding ways to make a difference every day. Clientek became involved with them in 2020 when an unprecedented year presented them with a whole new opportunity to serve that community. Headquartered in the heart of the neighborhood most effected by the aftermath of George Floyd’s tragedy, they knew they would pitch in. Helping the neighborhood rebuild and helping the neighborhood heal.

To augment their already robust infrastructure that matches volunteers to those in need, Clientek helped them automate some of the processes that could route resources to homes and businesses more quickly. We have enjoyed working with them.

Urban Ventures is always looking for volunteer help. More in 2020 than ever before. Learn how you can help by starting here: Volunteer Opportunities — Urban Ventures

And, of course, you can always help by directly donating: Donate — Urban Ventures

Orpheus Music Project

I have been personally active within the non-profit community in Minnesota for many years. I’ve enjoyed and benefited from opportunities to serve on Boards and Advisory Councils, applying some of my every-day skills to help. I’ve found it very rewarding. I am thankful to have colleagues that Clientek that share this passion. Together we are able to do great things. In 2019, I decided to take a next step in my giving-back mission. I founded a brand new, non-profit, along with a good friend, Craig Fields.

“Following your passion leads to success.” Perhaps a bit of a cliché, but true none-the-less. I’ve been fortunate to have opportunities to follow my passion for building a great, small company and providing high-quality services to our clients. I remain dedicated to that mission. Meanwhile, I’ve always had a passion for music. When our choir sings, there is nothing quite like that feeling. That music cuts through whatever mess-of-a-day you might have. When the music also carries a message, you hear it, you feel it.

Music’s power to reach us and to carry important messages is something I think we all know and feel. My cofounder and I have created an organization with a specific mission: creating and performing music for social good. “ORPHEUS Music Project believes in the inspirational power of music: storytelling to amplify important social messages that change hearts and minds to help make this a better world.”

To that end, we’ve commissioned a brand new, major work called “Requiem for Frankie Silver”. 2020 put a pause on our plans to perform the now-completed work but stay tuned. We are very excited to bring this incredible piece to life – written by Minnesota composer Craig Carnahan with libretto by Minnesota artistic director, Craig Fields based on a novel by NYTimes bestselling author, Sharyn McCrumb.