Oct 29th, 2020

Feature Article

True Partners.

  Written by: David Stevens, Director of Business Development

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It’s a partnership - not a ‘vendorship’.

For nearly 3 decades, Clientek has worked to exemplify ‘true partnership’. There is a stark difference between partnering with your clients and being a vendor for them. Partnership implies an equally beneficial and valued relationship. We work with our clients to develop and deliver the right solutions.

A true partner adds value beyond the executed contract. They do what is right for the customer instead of finding ways to gain an advantage for themselves. They are willing to say “no” and stand their ground when needed. They will go above and beyond in order to achieve success. These qualities can only be accomplished by engaging in true partnership.

There are four essential traits that promote ‘true’ partnership.

  1. Integrity. Do what is best for the client. You were hired because you’re the expert. When tasked with providing direction or making decisions, do so as if it were for your own business. You’re aware of their goals and objectives – do what’s right for the job at hand.

  2. Honesty. Say “no”. Your input is valued. When a client approaches you with requirements and requests, be willing to stand in opposition. But it is not enough to just say “no.” Share your thinking and rationale behind your response. Show the client that you have more impactful ways to achieve their goals.

  3. Transparency. Hide nothing. Nobody can build trust while holding back secrets. From pricing to execution, involving the client in all matters of an engagement is essential. When problems arise, approach them head-on. Involve the client in your solution. Creating a truly transparent relationship is difficult but doing so successfully builds trust and longevity.

  4. Drive. Do whatever it takes. A true partner is passionate about their client’s success. Treat every engagement as an extension of your own. Their success is your success. You should not be in the service business if all that you’re interested in is a paycheck. We do this because we love the work we do and want nothing more than to see our customers succeed.

If you can successfully embody these four traits, you will quickly come to realize that you are no longer a vendor, but rather a trusted and valued partner.

True partnership awaits you.

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