Nov 25th, 2020

Feature Article


  Written by: David Stevens, Director of Business Development

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Making ‘more’ possible.

For the past 28 years we have assisted our clients in achieving more than they ever thought possible. This is not a result of some “secret Clientek sauce”, it’s an ingredient our customers already have; we just lend a hand in identifying how best to use it.

We enable our clients. Not only with the solutions we provide, but in how we engage with them. Over the years we’ve learned the importance of adapting to our clients’ needs and requests. From this experience, Clientek has identified 3 areas of enablement in which we excel – Volume, Speed, and Knowledge. Enablement of these key elements allows us to consistently generate and deliver unique value to our clients.

  1. Volume – Do More. Businesses always have a lot on their plate. Engaging with a Clientek team can enable your highly-skilled internal resources to focus their efforts elsewhere within the business – putting a greater focus on driving innovation and progress throughout the organization. Get more done without hiring additional resources.

  2. Speed – Deliver More Often. Certain projects can drag on and on. As new higher-priority projects come down the pipeline, it can be difficult for internal resources to keep up with the pent-up demand. Our teams have significant experience working as an extension of our client’s internal teams. Adding more hands and keyboards can drive a project to completion much faster than previously estimated. Get more done faster.

  3. Knowledge – Learn More. The best way to learn is to teach. Our project approach and methodology thrive off the details. Acquiring an outside point-of-view can kickstart learning and progress. The wealth of experience and knowledge held by our project leadership allows for better decisions from the start.

We enable our clients to make ‘more’ possible. If your organization could benefit from any of the elements outlined above, reach out. We want nothing more than to see your business succeed. If Clientek can be a catalyst in making that happen we want to be involved.

Enable ‘more’ today.

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