Jun 25th, 2020

Feature Article

Evolve to Progress.

  Written by: David Stevens, Director of Business Development

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Tap into the true power of CX.

Rapidly evolving customer expectations make it difficult to consistently provide a superior experience. Financial service organizations, like many others, are being held to a new standard of customer experience as speed and accessibility have become commonplace.

In highly competitive industries it is essential to differentiate your offerings from competitors and maximize customer experience/engagement. This is where technology steps in.

From our experience, many financial service providers are structured similarly. Mature IT infrastructures and legacy components coupled with regulatory/compliance requirements and security measures make for a complicated path to any solution.

Clientek recently teamed up with a financial services client to develop a fast and secure mobile application – vastly improving both internal operations and customer experience.

Their existing products and services were spread across numerous web platforms and were clumsy to navigate.

Our solution integrated with their existing infrastructure to provide a sleek and useful interface for accessing and managing their wide range of products and services. This allowed our client to also rollout a new sales offering. Rapid development of this new offering allowed them to present customers with a modernized user experience alongside the added benefit of a new optional add-on service.

Adoption of their products and services grew following the initial release; showing that by providing customers with a unique and tailored experience, you can greatly increase your ability to not only acquire but retain clients.

Create an experience like no other.

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