Dec 17th, 2020

Feature Article

One for the Books.

  Written by: David Stevens, Director of Business Development

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History doesn’t write itself; people do.

As cliché as it sounds, 2020 has been a tumultuous year. With soaring highs and slumping lows, all of us have needed to adjust in leu of the happenings throughout our world. Some of these adjustments have been easy and straight forward, while others not so much. If nothing else, 2020 has shed light on the true importance of adaptability, flexibility, and support.

I’ve spent some time thinking about these three attributes and how they have allowed Clientek to not only survive this unpredictable year, but flourish in it. A simple review of the Clientek Knowledge Base showcases not only the importance of these attributes but their versatility as well - from software development to management strategies, decision making to charitable giving.

Further analysis of these attributes in action allows us to take our learnings with us into what is certain to be a wonderful year ahead.

  • Adaptability: Go beyond the obvious realms of adaptation. Look for ways to do things differently, more efficiently, and with greater success. Pay attention to your surroundings – your customers, your clients, your friends. What steps are they taking to adapt to this new environment? Adaptability extends into every facet of your organization. Adapt how you learn. Adapt how you listen. Adapt how you communicate and execute. We all must embrace change to be successful.

  • Flexibility: Uncertainty generates chaos. Be flexible in how you operate. Be selfless. As a business services organization, we need to assure our clients are comfortable before we worry about ourselves. Do they need to pause or stop an engagement? Are their needs different now? Flexibility has always been a selling point, but when it allows you to weather the storm alongside your clients it becomes a catalyst for retainment.

  • Support: In every sense of the word. Support those around you. From your employees to your customers, your friends to your community. Whether it’s lending an additional set of hands to a project or supporting local organizations philanthropically, undying support is what keeps us grounded. People and organizations need support now more than ever. Constantly be looking for ways you and your company can provide it.

While many may look back on 2020 negatively, I look at it as a glass half full. Sure, there were bad moments, but I think the whole world has learned more about ourselves this year than ever before.

Make your mark on history.

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