Jun 25th, 2020

Business Insights

Organizations of Trust

  Written by: Craig Vosper, Chief Delivery Officer

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Our feature article discusses the need to ensure a quality customer experience amidst “rapidly evolving customer expectations”. One of the primary attributes any successful organization will need to evolve at this pace is trust. At first mention, most people will believe that they have trust within their organization, but a thorough analysis of your processes and organizational habits will identify if you truly practice it.

Organizations without trust can expect:

  • That business requirements and needs must be fully identified and understood before any work begins. That changes to requirements or solutions, including estimates, are bad and should be treated as a failure to think of all possibilities before the work starts

  • That requirements and solutions are provided by upper-level management without letting subordinates know why the solution is even desired

  • That alternative solution options are not required if one has been provided by a stakeholder (usually brought to light by the silencing of ideas)

  • That bad news (whether missed requirements or required solution changes) should be hidden and/or resolved before superiors find out about it

Organizations like this spend more time and energy on “messaging” than on solving problems and delivering solutions. This leads to a work environment that is not conducive to personal growth or satisfaction.

An organization of trust can expect:

  • That we will learn more about requirements once we start working on the problem

  • That stakeholders define why they want something and how they expect it to benefit the organization

  • That delivery organizations will evaluate and propose all possible options to be decided upon – including options that are creative or contentious with ones initially proposed

  • That escalating bad news is the most important thing anyone can do. This way the problem can be solved quickly with unanimous understanding

These organizations spend their time and energy on delivering the correct solution(s) to their business partners. Creating work environments where people can grow and thrive; using their strengths with little fear of failing.

At Clientek, we work hard to be an organization of trust. We trust our teams to make mistakes and learn from them, deliver the most suitable solution(s) for our customers, and earn the trust and respect of our clients. All the while, producing an environment that fosters learning, growth, and satisfaction when executing projects.