Feb 27th, 2020

Best Practices

Organizational Change Management

  Written by: Jesse LaDousa, Chief Operating Officer

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As consultants, we are hired for our expertise in certain technologies, industries, or process improvement areas in which we have a breadth of knowledge and experience. We are adept at identifying true business problems, clarifying objectives, determining how to measure success, and evaluating multiple solution options to ensure we’re driving towards the correct course of action on any given project. We leverage our years of technical expertise, our collective knowledge gained from experiences, training and learnings to implement the right technical solution – deploying code and infrastructure components that achieve the stated business objectives and perform at levels that can sustain today’s user load and are prepared to scale to handle tomorrow’s demands.

We are geeks and we are good at it. We have been doing it for 28 years. What sets us apart though, is something that has little to do with technical acumen and knowledge of the latest Azure platform as a service capabilities. Instead, it’s the ability to navigate and plan the hardest and most difficult part of any project : organizational change management.

Often, we see companies that have developed or implemented a robust solution that they have invested hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars completing. The project takes many months to complete and the teams work hard and deliver great results. However, upon rollout of said project, the adoption rate is low. Or worse, the project is ill received and word spreads quickly that it has failed and cannot be used.

  • Who will this new system impact?
  • How will it augment / replace the workflow that is currently in place?
  • How will the schedule of changes be communicated to the group?
  • How will the impacted users be trained? What materials will be provided?
  • How will the group supporting this system be trained? What materials will be provided?

We work these organizational change components into every project we do, starting with the inception work that begins each new engagement. Over our 28 years, we have implemented hundreds of projects that require careful thought and planning on how rollout will successfully occur. Simple things like cheat sheets and drop-in training sessions can be invaluable for easing the stress and fears during a rollout.

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