Apr 30th, 2020

Best Practices

Business Recovery After COVID-19

  Written by: Craig Vosper, Chief Delivery Officer

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As we work through this unpredictable time most of us are being cautious; both in our planning and the work that we’re doing. This cautious approach has begun creating an unprecedented backlog of known-work items, accompanied by new opportunities and market changes arising from what will become the new normal.

This means we have a long list of pre-normal and new-normal work items to estimate and prioritize. Market pressures encourage us to make changes quickly; taking advantage of any opportunity that presents itself. On top of that, new-normal work items develop at incredible speed; as the market learns more about what this new-normal means.

In order to be successful in this environment, your organization must have processes in place that clearly define priority and relationships with IT (and other delivery partners) to estimate effort. You must also have a way to marry those two together to form a cohesive strategy and adapt to the constantly changing considerations!

This is far more than being agile in software development. This is being agile across your entire organization. This is knowing what your goals are, what capabilities are required to achieve those goals, what the best way is to build those capabilities, and how you can do it in a sustainable way.

Are you prepared to deal with the new-normal? Once it’s here, those who are ready will flourish, while those who are not will struggle to compete and stay alive.

At Clientek, not only have we been helping customers deliver capabilities like this for years, we also assist our clients in preparing their organization for what’s to come. Now is the time to make your changes. Now is the time to ensure you can hang-on for what is going to be a wild ride!