Sep 27th, 2019

Feature Article


  Written by: David Stevens, Director of Business Development

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Repeatable, consistent, high-quality results.

Much like any other business service provider, we want to get started right away. We want to get things done, out the door, and into the customers hands. Not only in the interest of getting paid, but also in providing value to the client.

However, our 27-years of experience has proven that this run-and-gun type of approach doesn’t always generate the best results. In turn, it’s led us to a new understanding of what is required for running a successful project.

While flexibility has long been our claim to fame, it is undeniably our rigorous process that grants us the ability to provide such a vital service.

At Clientek, we are strong proponents of Disciplined Agile Delivery (key word: Disciplined). Our dedication to this methodology generates a goal-driven approach focused on end-to-end delivery. By extending best practices from both Scrum and Agile, we have created an engagement model that provides flexibility through rigorous adherence to it’s principals.

Agile development methodologies have been explored since the 1980’s but only recently have they received the attention they deserve. Putting a clearly defined structure and approach to something like software development is incredibly difficult and requires a significant amount of rigor to operate successfully.

For one of our clients we proposed an 8-month engagement; promising to deliver a custom mobile application designed for their field force to perform regular site visits and inspections. As development began, we closely followed our disciplined process; consistently delivering the highest priority items at the end of every sprint.

As a result, 4-months into the engagement we had delivered enough value to the client and they no longer felt the need for any additional features. Their goals and objectives had been achieved in half the expected time. Following this result, we finalized the project and completed the final handoff.

This rigor is applied to every single project we engage in and provides our clients with the highest quality results without breaking the bank. Our methodology is flexible, repeatable, and consistent; it’s just the Clientek way.

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