Oct 24th, 2019

Feature Article


  Written by: David Stevens, Director of Business Development

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Innovate, embrace, and capitalize.

For the last 27 years, Clientek has been helping our customers thrive in the face of change.

From internal business optimizations to external industry progressions; adapting to the signals of change is imperative in today’s business world. For many of our client’s change can be difficult, time consuming, and often, overwhelming. Our approach to custom software development and it’s corresponding organizational change management combats the negative connotations associated with change and drives to support innovation.

One of our clients, a large logistics and transportation firm, presented us with a unique business problem as a result of both internal and external pressures. Internally, their ability to innovate had greatly diminished as legacy system maintenance was swallowing up a majority of their resources. Additionally, external regulation changes required massive updates be made to all their existing applications and systems.

The first step of this engagement was to relieve the pressure on their internal resources. We quickly fielded a team to manage and support the legacy system maintenance. This allowed them to reallocate resources and begin tackling the looming regulation updates. Once the legacy system was performing as needed our team shifted focus to the few remaining application updates.

As the Clientek team developed the remaining system updates, our client’s resources were able to return to their core competency - innovation. For years, this logistics firm has been leading the industry through innovation. So, when faced with a barrage of changes, they looked to us for assistance in adapting to the changing environment.

Adaptability is our strong suit. Whether adapting to a client’s needs or helping the client itself adapt; Clientek is here to innovate, embrace, and capitalize on change.

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