Jul 25th, 2019

Feature Article

Flexibility. Rigor. Breadth.

  Written by: David Stevens, Director of Business Development

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Our engagement model is our differentiator.

Clientek’s approach is founded on three main pillars; flexibility, rigor, and breadth of experience. Adherence to these pillars allows us to provide reliable, consistent, and superior results for our customers.

For a global HCM service provider we were asked to assist with the creation of a customizable integration engine to support their acquisition strategy. Budget and timeline were among their top concerns, making our flexible development structure ideal for this engagement.

We quickly spun up a team, beginning project work just 4 days after our initial conversations. 6 weeks into development, a reallocation of budget was required on the client’s side and the project was put on hold (at no additional cost). A month later, the client was ready to reengage. We reestablished the project team and completed development over the following 8 months.

With operations spanning many cities, states, and countries; the organization was experiencing significant difficulties adhering to the opposing legal/compliance policies following each acquisition. The integration engine needed to work seamlessly with existing HCM system’s and have customizable components to react dynamically to localized policies and standards. It was imperative that this system could be quickly customized, managed, and utilized; minimizing the impact of large-scale integrations.

Developing customizable and reliable systems is just one of Clientek’s strong suits. Throughout our 27-year history we have completed about 2,500 projects for around 250 clients. Our experiences span a multitude of industries and allow us to apply unique and targeted solutions to your business problems.

Providing value when you need it most.

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