Dec 19th, 2019

Feature Article

Change is good.

  Written by: David Stevens, Director of Business Development

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Driven by the constant state of change.

If the last 27 years have taught us anything as an organization, it’s that change is inevitable – and in turn, good. If it’s going to happen, then why not embrace it?! While many of us see change as a necessary evil, Clientek has made it a focus to turn change into opportunity.

For both Clientek and our customers, 2019 was a unique year. Many of our clients experienced significant challenges throughout the year. Reactionary measures were taken to combat the volatility of the market; resulting in many projects slowing down or going on pause.

As you can imagine, a volatile market can be detrimental to a smaller organization like ours. Over the years we’ve grown accustomed to the changing environment. It’s how you react to change that determines its effect.

For one of our clients, newly implemented tariffs nearly doubled their cost of materials overnight. They were forced to cut spending in order to appease the varying cost of goods sold (COGS) – putting our existing project on hold.

Our client was able to solve the COGS issue quickly, looking closely at their operational structure and reallocating resources. This activity also brought to light an opportunity to strengthen themselves for the future. Through our previous work with the client we had developed a number of forecasting and optimization tools. The tools were instrumental in allowing them to adapt as quickly as they did, but further customizations could speed up the process tenfold.

Once our client regained operational composure, our team was reengaged. Alongside that existing project, we fielded a second team to start work on further customizing their suite of forecasting and optimization tools.

As mentioned before, change is inevitable, so embrace it! We’re confident that by partnering with Clientek you’ll quickly agree that change is good.

With change comes great opportunity.

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