Oct 24th, 2019

Business Insights

Value Focused Delivery

  Written by: Jesse LaDousa, Chief Operating Officer

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As your organization looks to embark on a journey to implement a custom software solution, it’s imperative that you continually think about not only what you are delivering, but how you are delivering it. While the what is obviously important, the how will help you stay aligned. A transparent delivery process allows you to produce faster and more accurate results; while also accounting for any changing business needs that arise during the journey.

Clientek has perfected a unique approach to software development. By adhering closely to agile principles, we have established a methodology that we refer to as Value Focused Delivery. This procedure is applied to every project we engage in and is designed to provide the following:

  1. Delivering Value Faster

    The way in which we do work allows us to deliver value immediately. By focusing our efforts on your top business objectives, we define success and achieve it. Our agile approach prioritizes work based on its value and is designed to provide noticeable benefits to your organization in a timely manner. We have assisted countless teams in significantly reducing their average time to market for new systems, features, and key repairs.

  2. Delivering Value in a Predictable Manner

    Our approach to project scheduling is designed around short development cycles; we refer to these cycles as Sprints. Our teams focus on building software that is production ready. They follow a disciplined process enabling them to become predictable in what they can deliver. By design, Sprint scheduling also provides a great mechanism for recognizing process improvement opportunities. It allows us to manage, measure and evaluate our efforts to elicit success.

  3. Delivering Value & High-Quality Results

    Sprint scheduling means that our team can focus on meeting the defined requirements and ensures they deliver high-quality output every two weeks. We utilize superior technical engineers, developers and any other applicable resources to provide you with highest quality product. Our dedication to quality is something we take great pride in and is one of the first benefits your organization will see.

The following flowchart defines the five main stages of every project:

Value Focused Delivery Flowchart

Want to learn more about how we’ve helped hundreds of customers realize their business goals using this methodology? Let’s connect so we can help you with your project!