Apr 28th, 2022

Best Practices

Communication & Transparency

  Written by: Alex Fracassi, Chief Revenue Officer

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As I continue to settle into my role here at Clientek, I have come to recognize how much I’ve grown professionally over the past 9 months. One element of the culture here that has truly impressed me is the level of importance we place on communication and transparency with our clients.

When I first started, I was invited to participate in a regular discussion with one of our long-standing customers. We had a great conversation about what projects we were actively engaged on, potential for future opportunities, and a quick review of Clientek’s capabilities and expertise. Our client then asked me how I had enjoyed working for Clientek thus far. My answer, of course, was unanimously positive. But as excited as I was to answer that question, in the back of my mind I was thinking: “what makes you want to work with Clientek?”. So, I asked him. He said “this right here! I get exactly what I want, no BS.” It’s conversations like this one that remind me how crucial communication is. It’s a primary reason for why our clients do business with us and regularly look to us for guidance.

As a project progress, we have Delivery Leads and Technology Leads that guide our teams towards the objectives of an engagement. I asked a couple of our leads for their perspective on the importance of communication and transparency, and they couldn’t express enough how vital they are for success.

Project communication has many moving parts, everything from managing expectations and requirements to assigning priorities and coordinating with larger business groups to accomplish them. It can be a challenge to communicate technical specifics to non-technical people but being able to assist them in understanding is essential.

Not all conversations are easy. Our commitment to transparency means that our clients see and hear everything – both the good and the bad. When a delayed task or story threatens to push back a scheduled release, it is inevitable that a difficult discussion lies ahead. By swiftly addressing the issue and communicating our plan for resolution we showcase our commitment to their project’s success.

As I reflect on the importance of communication and transparency in the workplace, it’s hard not to notice how important it is in our personal lives as well. I think of all the sports I was involved in (golf, soccer, basketball, baseball, football, etc..) and the role it played in our teams’ successes and failures. Even in personal relationships… communication and transparency say a lot about the kind of person you really are.